Our legal AI Assistant helps lawyers work more efficient


Lawren.io consists of 3 main features that are designed to work seamlessly together. Yet, they can be used standalone according to your firm’s needs.

Automate customer intake and be prepared for a 1st meeting

Our legal AI Assistant makes your law firm available 24/7. It provides your client with basic information regarding his legal question and lets him schedule a demo. This allows you to go prepared to the intake meeting.

Involve your clients in the contract drafting process

Our contract bot involves your client by asking questions regarding the agreement. It explains any possible unambiguities and generates a contract based on the client’s preferences.

Legal search results immediately at your fingertips

Our legal search engine provides you with search results such as caselaw, legislation and internal sources based on search query. You can use this as starting point for your legal research process.

About lawren.io

Following many of your colleagues, we can also help your law firm with your legaltech journey.

"Tested and approved"

Koen Geens, Minister of justice, Belgium

"De bar's chatbot is a signal for all lawyers to go along with digitization"

Marco Schoups, President of the Antwerp Bar Association 

Looking for a lawyer? Ask the chatbot

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World's first: lawren.io's chatbot helps you to find a lawyer



The chatbot of Lawren.io digitizes the law practice


Le chatbot juridique, premier contact avant l'avocat

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Chatbot for social law



"Automation and digitization have become part of our society. More and more people are being helped online by chatbots. With this positive project our bar association doesn't want to be left behind..”

Bram Vandromme



Lawren.io helps you to focus on customer centricity and makes legaltech simple by automating repetitive processes.

What’s in it for my firm in terms of ROI?

Legaltech must be an added value and therefore also yield a profit for your law firm. Leave your law firm name and e-mail below and you will immediately receive a report with a ROI overview.


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