Contract bot

Automate your contract drafting up to 80% so you can concentrate on work where you can really make a difference.

Streamline contract drafting

The contract bot allows you to involve clients in the contract drafting process.

  • Invite your client per e-mail or let him access the contract bot via your website (if desired)
  • The contract bot asks your clients a few questions regarding the agreement at hand¬†
  • We draw up the questions based on your or our templates

No more typical checklists

All questions are tailored to laymen, any ambiguities are explained by the contract bot

  • Your client will be asked a few questions about the agreement at hand
  • Whenever something is unclear, the contract bot explains the ambiguity immediately
  • The client never gets to see an agreement or legal clauses, he simply answers a few questions

Receive your contract in Word

After your client’s conversation, you can finish the 1st draft and deliver it to your client faster than ever.¬†

  • After your client’s conversation, you will automatically receive an e-mail with a Word document filled in based on your client’s answers.
  • You will also receive an overview of the questions the client did not understand so you can explain them further
  • At no point the client knows that the agreement has been automated: he just answers a few questions and you receive the agreement.

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