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Customer intake

Research shows that legal searchers often experience a barrier to contact a lawyer. Via this is a thing of the past. Automate your client intake. 

An AI assistant tailored to your law firm

Choose your look & feel

Place a personalized chatbot on your website, so clients can have a conversation via PC or smartphone.


    The client indicates his legal issue

    Understandable themes for laymen

    The client situates his legal issue in one of the themes at hand. Our unique assistant asks additional questions and explains the legal situation in understandable language. And oh yes, we create the chatbot content for you. 

    Online appointment scheduling

    Scheduling meetings anno 2020

    Based on your client’s legal question, the legal chatbot knows which lawyer within your law firm to make an appointment with. The client can schedule this meeting straight away or he can leave his details, so you can reach out.  

    Receive a complete customer report

    Save 55 min per client by using your personal legal assistant

    Depending on the legal issue at hand, the chatbot asks 4-5 additional questions. After the conversation, you receive a customer report with contact details, a meeting request as well as an answer to 4-5 key questions. This way you are prepared for the first meeting, saving you on average 55 minutes per new client.  

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