Website Chatbot Assistant: Knowledge automation

If you are looking for recurring revenue this might just be for you. Create a self-help desk for your existing clients by using the knowledge automation tool.

Give your clients access to your exclusive online portal

Knowledge database tailored to your firm

Your client logs in through an online portal tailored to your law firm. He gets access to the knowledge database that we can create for you. Most law firms charge their clients a monthly fee for using this new service.

The client gets access to a legal ‘self-help desk’

Automate your knowledge

You decide what the client can access, mostly a specific legal branch depending on your offering (e.g. fiscal – corporate law – tenancy law – …). Your client can ask all his legal questions to your personal AI assistant which will answer repetitive questions.

You receive more complex questions and can answer these personally

Focus on your added value

The complex questions the assistant cannot answer are sent to the specialized lawyer with the contact details of the customer. These questions can be answered in person to maintain human contact.
Offer standard contract templates to your clients

Let laymen draft agreements

Many of your corporate clients do have legal templates at their disposal. However, through our unique question-answer feature, you can offer templates so laymen can draft agreements too. You have the choice whether you want to review the agreements.

Ready to digitize

your law firm?