Our AI assistant helps your legal department work more efficiently


Lawren.io consists of 3 main features that are designed to work seamlessly together. Yet, they can be used standalone according to your company’s needs.

Automate recurring employee queries

Our AI legal assistant answers recurring questions regarding internal policies, guidelines and legislation automatically and helps you find relevant documents within the blink of an eye. 

Automate and streamline the contract drafting process

Based on an intelligent assistant, business users can draft agreements in a uniform and compliant way. You decide which agreements you must review and which ones can be downloaded straight away.

Become and stay GDPR compliant

Educate your employees online and have them take a GDPR pop quiz. After the education, the GDPR tool becomes a daily assistant which answers recurring GDPR-related questions. Possible risks are reported to your DPO or the GDPR responsible.   

About lawren.io

Following many of your colleagues, we can also help you with efficiency gains within your legal department. 

"Tested and approved"

Koen Geens, Minister of justice, Belgium

"De bar's chatbot is a signal for all lawyers to go along with digitization"

Marco Schoups, President of the Antwerp Bar Association 

Looking for a lawyer? Ask the chatbot

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World's first: lawren.io's chatbot helps you to find a lawyer



The chatbot of Lawren.io digitizes the law practice


Le chatbot juridique, premier contact avant l'avocat

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"Automation and digitization have become part of our society. More and more people are being helped online by chatbots. With this positive project our bar association doesn't want to be left behind..”

Bram Vandromme



Lawren.io helps you save time and money as well as achieving an enhanced level of compliance within your entire company.  

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