Contract bot

Automate contract drafting within your company without losing uniformity and while increasing compliance

Involve business users in the contract drafting process

The contract bot allows you to involve business users in the drafting of agreements in a uniform way.

  • You can invite users by e-mail for the contract bot or the user can initiate this himself via an internal website (if desired)
  • The user accesses the contract bot environment and gets questions about the agreement to be drafted
  • We draw up the questions based on your or our templates in order to guarantee uniformity.

Ensure compliance

All questions are tailored to laymen, any ambiguities are explained by the contract bot

  • The user answers a few questions about the agreement to be drawn up
  • Whenever he does not understand something, ambiguities will be explained immediately
  • You decide which agreements need to be reviewed by the legal department

Receive the agreement in Word

The contract bot generates agreements with relevant clauses and attachments in a Microsoft Word file.

  • After the user’s conversation, you (or the user, you choose) automatically receives an e-mail with a Word agreement template filled in based on the user’s answers
  • You will also get an overview of the questions the user did not understand so you can explain if necessary
  • The agreements are drawn up fully automatically based on the options you have defined in advance.

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