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What is legaltech?

Legal technology or legaltech refers to technology that enables a digitized offering of legal services. Contrary to other legaltech start-ups, the goals is  to help  legal professionals to digitize their way of working. 


Is legaltech disruptive?

It can be, but not necessarily. Small steps in digitization are also part of legaltech and can help a lot. 


What legaltech services does offer? is your one-stop-legaltech-shop. We help you automate contract drafting, customer intake, legal search, legal service requests, GDPR compliance and much more.


Why does legaltech matter?

Law firms that don’t embrace digitization and automation will have a hard time keeping up. Alternative legal service providers are digitized and offer legal services in a fast, cheap and online way. 


Should i care about legaltech?

Yes, every legal professional should think about a more efficient and customer centric way to provide legal services.


What is the future of legaltech?

Step one would definitely automation of repetitive tasks. Legaltech should be a tool that help legal professionals instead of replacing them.

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