GDPR compliance

Go beyond simple GDPR training. Ensure GDPR compliance through a GDPR quiz and automate recurring questions.


Test your staff through a GDPR quiz and capture objective scores for each employee

  • Use to organize an online GDPR training for your employees
  • Afterwards, your employees can complete a multiple choice test with regard to the GDPR
  • Get an overview of the results per theme, question or employee in a clear excel file

After the GDPR training

Employees find it difficult to put GDPR training into practice, make sure you keep on supporting them in GDPR compliance

  • Give your employees access to an internal portal
  • Users can ask GDPR-related questions, among others about data breaches, personal data, privacy policy etc.
  • Whenever a possible risk occurs, the user is reminded to (automatically) contact the DPO or the person in charge

"GDPR compliance is crucial. provides a daily assistant for all your employees to help you comply."

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