Website Chatbot Assistant: legal service request

The website chatbot is an artificially intelligent system that helps you to automate repetitive processes.

Your legal department gets overwhelmed with legal questions of your employees? We have got you covered!

One-stop shop for legal questions

Employees regularly have legal questions to which they could, in principle, find answers in internal policies or guidelines. There probably also is a database with recent agreements such as NDA’s, privacy policies, etcetera. Unfortunately, these are often not found and these repetitive questions often end up with the legal department. Fortunately, this is a thing of the past. 


Every employee gets access to a legal ‘self-help desk’

Automate your knowledge 

Each employee has access to an internal search engine via the legal portal. The user can ask all his legal questions and gets an immediate answer based on your internal policies and existing legislation. 

Agreements can easily be found in different Sharepoint environments

Ask your digital assistant to find documents

Looking for a sponsorship agreement, an NDA or a sales agreement, but no idea where you can find the latest version? Ask your legal assistant and get immediate access. If a certain user has insufficient rights, the documents will not be shown. 

Only answer more complex questions manually

Your legal assistant as buffer

You will save many hours of time by using the legal assistant. If a question can’t be answered, only then it will come to you and you will be able to answer it. 

Get insights in the frequently asked questions

Check out the analytics dashboard

You get an overview of the most frequently asked questions, searched documents etcetera in the dashboard, available for the admins you appointed.

Ready to digitize your legal department?